The Company is committed to provide first-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety and environmental requirements as well as, “customers” expectations, and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects safety, human health, quality of the provided services, the environment amd the property. The Company’s Mission statement is:

To set the standards for safe and environmentally friendly sea transportation of goods with technically advanced ships, crewed and operated by motivated, professional and well-trained seaborne and shore personnel.

The Company has set the following long-term aspirations and goals:

  • Zero incidents / accidents

  • Zero spills

  • Zero detentions


Company’s vision is to be up to the standards of the leaders in the ship management industry, by promoting its safety culture and utilizing new technologies, consistent with its strategic goals and by realizing maximum efficiency through superior management. The Company’s Vision statement is:

To be a Company of fisrt choice for global sea transportation of bulk and general cargoes.

The Company aims to reach these long-term aspirations and goals through conditional improvement.

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