Our business is commodity trading, investing in maritime assets and delivery of goods and services for our clients. We promote free trade, economic development and meaningful employment for the good of society.

We at Eleen Marine; invest, operate and manage Ocean going ships in the dry cargo segment and provide shore side logistic services; we trade agricultural commodities (wheat; barley; corn; sunflower seeds, animal feed and fertilizers), steel products (hot/cold rolled coils, long/flat products) for the construction and manufacturing industry.

Eleen Marine’s roots in the transportation industry are dated back to 1957, when “Struma Auto Transport” Ltd. (SAT), was established by the Bulgarian Ministry of Transportation as a nationally integrated road haulage and logistics company with headquarters located in the city of Pernik, Bulgaria. In 1988 SAT obtained “licensing” for international truck transportation (TIR Convention).

The late eighties and early nineties of the 20th century brought dramatic change and opportunity to the whole of eastern Europe and “SAT” as reliable carrier for “Despred” AD (state-owned forwarding company) progressively entered the River Barge transportation trade, as a natural extension of the trucking business and freight forwarding.

Over the years, the volume of goods transported by Land, River and Sea required legal separation of the company’s road and maritime activities.

In 1998 the Company established “Struma Sea Transport” Ltd (SST), as a small independent Ship-owner focused in the dry bulk maritime sector. 1999 “SST” was privatized by the Bulgarian State, which created the opportunity for access to private funds and a more flexible commercial management of the company.

From the roots of a small Ship-owner, “SST”, progressively developed a fleet of owned vessels and branched out in services such as; Chartering and Agency, Technical and Commercial Management and Port Logistics, thus extending its market foot print within the Black and Mediterranean Sea as a manager-operator of vessels ranging from 1,000mts up to 40,000 mts DWT.

Following the financial crisis of 2008 – 2014 and the severe down turn of dry bulk markets in 2015 – 2016, SST slowed its growth and started a period of restructuring.

In 2016 the company emerged as Eleen Marine Ltd., and started a new chapter of growth within the dry bulk sector and purchased and successfully financing several Surpamax vessels (names and sale/purchase price a subject to confidentiality  agreements)

In 2017 the company was transformed into a corporation and has taken advantage of the historically low asset values of dry bulk tonnage and has acquired mv Bedford Castle (50,000 DWT SD BC, 4 x 30mts cranes built 1998) and in 2018 we added mv Eleen Neptune (55,000 DWT SD BC, 4 x 30mts with grabs built 2009) and Eleen Armonia (55,000 DWT SD BC, 4 x 30mts cranes with grabs built 2010) to our current fleet.

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