Bedford Castle

In 2017 Eleen Marine Ltd., was transformed into a corporation “Eleen Marine JSC”, and successfully took advantage of the historically low asset values of dry bulk tonnage, by purchasing the Japanese (Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding built) mv Bedford Castle (50,000 DWT SD BC, 4 x 30mts cranes built 1998). Check our Fleet section to review the technical specifications.


Eleen Neptune

We successfully purchase the 55,700 – dwt Japanese built Supramax Bulk Neptune. Check our Fleet section to review the technical specifications.


Eleen Armonia

We purchase the 55,500 dwt Japanese built Supramax, the investment in this vessel was made to take advantage of the low asset values of dry bulk tonnage and hedge our commodity trading business.


Eleen Sofia

We add another Japanese built Supramax to our fleet and are committed to the best practice with our operators and ship managers. Check our Fleet section to review the technical specifications.


Eleen Eva

All steps have been successfully completed for us to be the proud owners of the vessel Eleen Eva. We celebrate the occasion and engage only the best ship managers for chartering. Check our Fleet section to review the technical specifications.


Painting of Eleen Neptune

We were honored with this painting of from the seaside city of Burgas by our partners.


Post stamp Eleen Neptune

This stamp symbolizes and represents a Thracian silver plate with a lion hallmark. It is dedicated to the new vessel purchase to the fleet of the company.

The post stamps are produced by Bulgarian Post with original design, as the vignettes present examples of the rich cultural-historical heritage of Bulgaria.


Post stamp Eleen Armonia

Eleen Marine prints a new series of Bulgarian postal stamps dedicated to our new vessel Eleen Armonia.

Thracian silver rhyton protome is being represented in the shape of a galloping horse and with decoration on the neck. Found by archeologists at the Bulgarian Borovo Treasure. Dating to the End of 5th – beginning of 4th Century BC.


Post stamp Eleen Sofia

ELEEN MARINE assigns an order to print a unique limited series of Bulgarian post stamps for our new purchased vessel Eleen Armonia.

100th anniversary from the discovery of the golden treasure and the burial of Khan Kubrat.

Depicted object from Khan Kubrats’ golden treasure, which was found 100 years ago in the area of Ukraine.


Post stamp Eleen Eva

This post stamp which was issued in the honor of our new m/v Eleen Eva represents medieval stone motives from Stara Zagora.

The famous medieval stone tablets from Stara Zagora with images of animals are undoubtedly one of the most interesting and unique archaeological finds in Europe.


Eleen Marine Gratitude Sign

Specially designed sign of recognition and is awarded exclusively to our clients, partners as a token of excellence.


Investment programme

Eleen Marine‘s investment programme envisions the purchase of up to six new Supramax – Ultramax vessels.